The Rise of Shakita-Inu!

SHAK ($Shak) is a fun, community-focused cryptocurrency with a game in development and unique tokenomics to fuel it’s growth.
Every hodler is automatically entered into the BIG $SHAK LOTTO where prizes are given out at price milestones to randomly selected holders. 


Launch price - 0.0000222

0% tax on buys forever!


Every transaction fuels growth & development

SHAK aims to grow bigger and stronger than any other member of his dog meme family and this is why he has a 10% fee on each transaction.


All big decisions are guided by the community

The Shakita Inu community have helped raise SHAK since he was just a baby. After guiding him to 2000 holders and an all time high of x30 from initial launch they decided to rebrand and relaunch…


Shakita isn’t a
meme token

SHAK is currently developing a play-to-earn game for it’s community to play and challenge each other for the top score. There will be $SHAK rewards for those who top the leaderboards!


Shakita in numbers

Every transaction of $SHAK has a 10% tax which is used to fuel the growth of the Shakita Inu ecosystem.

Buying tax

  • 0% FOREVER

Selling tax

  • 1% Game Rewards

  • 2% NFT Farm

  • 3% Marketing

  • 4% Burn


  • Locked

SHAK stats

  • Total supply: 8B

  • Holders: 9000+


*Anti-whale for launch week only

The new generation

SHAK implemented anti-whale functions into his smart contract for the launch and did not send large amounts of the supply to anyone.

playing the fair game

SHAK is a good sport and that's why his token was a fair launch with no dev allocation. Even the dev had to buy the tokens at the same price as everybody else.


New here?
Buying Shakita is easy

Step 1: Download Metamask or Trust Wallet

You can download the Metamask app here or Trust Wallet app here. You can also use Metamask on desktop but you need to use Google Chrome and download this extension.

You can also use any other Bep20 compatible wallet in which you own the private keys.

Do not send to an exchange wallet unless $SHAK is officially listed on that exchange and has a deposit address.

Step 2: Connect wallet to Binance Smart Chain

Cryptocurrencies and tokens are often on different networks known as blockchains. 

Since the $SHAK token is on Binance Smart Chain you will need to connect your wallet to the Smart Chain if it isn’t already. 

It is pretty quick and easy, anyone can do it following some simple instructions.

Connect Trust Wallet to Smart Chain
Connect Metamask to Smart Chain

Step 3: Get BNB

Before you can actually buy any token on the Smart Chain you must first send some BNB to your wallet. You can send BNB from another wallet including exchange wallets like Binance. It is recommended that you have a Binance account if you don’t already as it can come in handy for things like this. 
Binance website - Binance App

BNB is needed because every transaction on Smart Chain uses BNB to pay a very small gas fee. You will see the gas fee details when you confirm the transaction in your wallet.

You do not need to pay gas fees when buying a token from a centralized exchange like Binance, you only do on a Decentralized exchange (DEX) like Pancake Swap. Remember you can actually swap any Bep20 token for another. So you can swap $SHAK into any other Bep20 token on Pancake Swap at any time.

Just remember you always need a little BNB for gas fees.

Step 4: Buy $SHAK

Now you have BNB in your wallet you can buy $SHAK. 

Before you try to buy you must click the settings button and change the slippage to 11%. This is because $SHAK comes with 10% sales tax as mentioned in the tokenomics section. The transaction may not work without this.

Here is a little more info on how to use Pancake Swap.
Pancake Swap guide

One you have bought $SHAK you will need to manually add the token to your wallet so that you can see it in there.

Add token to Trust Wallet guide
Add token to Metamask guide

Great, now you have $SHAK in your wallet and you can hodl it as we ascend on our space mission! Check out the Moon Map and if you need help or have any more questions that are not answered on this site then chat with us in our Telegram group.


Our route to the moon

phase 1

Space training

Shakita was put into space training as soon as he was born with a fair launch on DODO DEX. After days of training it was easy to see he was a natural and so he earned his astrodog license. While still just a baby he was prepared for his first rocket launch. 🚀 

phase 2

First mission

With only a space shuttle and a dream little baby Shakita took on his first mission. Not surprisingly he went on to set space records with a meteoric x50 rise in a matter of hours. After spending weeks in orbit Shakita returned back from his first mission safe and sound. 🧑🚀 

phase 3


Many months passed while Shakita built a bigger and more powerful rocket for his next mission. Not a baby anymore, SHAK was inspired and determined to go where no dog has gone before. With a new shuttle, space team and almost 2000 holders cheering on SHAK was ready for blast off once again. 🚀

phase 4


SHAK expects to reach 5000 holders and journey half way to the moon before needing to refuel. There have been reports that SHAK is working closely with Elon’s Space X program to enable refueling in orbit at the half way mark. In the mean time SHAK’s space team will gather support from CoinGecko, CoinMarket Cap and other exchanges to keep the operation in full flow and spread the word. ⛽️ 

phase 5

Moon landing

SHAK expects to reach over 10000 holders by the time he reaches the moon. By this point his 2D game will have been played by people everywhere and his NFTs will be thriving. SHAK will continue to evolve as the community grows so make sure you tag along for the ride and enjoy this space exploration with SHAK. 🌝

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